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How Do I Get Involved?

Every project is unique, and as such, it needs highly distinct and focused treatment. In addition to the key triangle of cost, time, and scope, the working model between the client and the agency is critical in balancing the former. As a result, we develop incredibly strong, yet basic models that are extremely adaptable and client-centric on the inside.

Budget-Constrained Engagement

If you have a well defined project story, and complete scope ready, we can give you a fixed cost and projected timeline.

Scope Engagement Changing

Best suited when you have a huge project blueprint OR a current project that requires continual updates – when iterations are essential. We put together a best-in-class team with diverse abilities for you, who will collaborate with you as closely as your own remote team.

How to decide

Budget-Constrained Engagement

Very precise scope and a set of needs that won’t change during the course of the project

independent of the working models used, can establish precise long-term milestones (i.e. Agile or Waterfall)

Working on a limited budget and being focused on really important aspects you cannot compromise on sometimes works best.

so that you may concentrate on the commercial aspect of your enterprise when you have less time to spend with the development team.

How to decide

Scope Engagement Changing

The needs are very briefly described in the scope, and they are likely to vary over the project.

Depending on the working model chosen, can establish precise short-term milestones (i.e. Agile or Waterfall)

Works best when you’re prepared to refine a feature over several iterations by looking at all its potential facets.

Share specific aims and goals with the development team when you have more time available so that they are constantly on the same page as you.

// Flexible Workflow

At its heart, flexibility Staying in sync requires organization.

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