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Everything starts with a sincere thought. But there must be reasons behind why all ideas do not change into what others label, a “Success”. To avoid such disasters, Salventbit prioritises a specially developed Discovery Workshop for you. Let us learn more about it!

The Objective

“The purpose of Discovery Workshop is to teach our clients to deliver detailed information through brainstorming sessions before the production cycle begins. This will assist us to provide a solid, distinctive and out-of-the-box solution with amazing UI/UX design utilizing the most advanced technology”.

The primary goal is to not only communicate project requirements but also to grasp customer expectations and meet them with our quality and experience.

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Workshop on the Frontiers of Discovery

Identify Internal & External Risks Elements
Identify Internal & External Risks Elements
Providing our whole team with a thorough grasp of our client's company, vision, and objectives.
Allowing us to create our own assumptions and study any issue about which we disagree.
Giving UI/UX and development teams access to granular information for faultless delivery

Giving UI/UX and development teams access to granular information for faultless delivery

In more simpler terms,, a Discovery Workshop is the pre-development step of gathering and exchanging essential project information between the customer and the project team for a software development or mobile app development project. On-site/off-site gatherings and online conferences might be used as a forum for knowledge sharing.

A custom curated session is a project start procedure that helps you form your ideas, engineer your needs, and move your product from concept to advanced development stages in less time.

What can a client expect during these sessions?
What can a client expect during these sessions?

Analyse, identify and present information on core vision, industry problems, strategic analysis, niche targets, project scope, etc.

What can a project team do for you?
What can a project team do for you?

Explore the subject area and business flow, identify bottlenecks and present relevant solutions, organize the clutter, and create a roadmap.

Why Clients Shouldn’t Overlook Discovery Workshop?

“Imagine yourself as a customer wanting to design a mobile application. After some time of searching, you reach an agreement with a reputable software development firm. Due to time and money restrictions, you just skip the project discovery workshop since you already have a clear notion of what your app should look like and how it should operate. So you finally decide to turn over the requirements sheet to the technical team and set a particular delivery and product launch timeframe.

In this instance, the software development team would not have any additional questions and would begin the mobile app design and development process in order to deliver the product on time. Those few weeks or months go by, and you eventually have a beautiful mobile app. You launch the smartphone app and wait for the first new visitors with great expectation and joy.

Statistics and analysis show that your app users are not enjoying your nicely designed software, and conversion is significantly below your expectations after a few months. As a consequence, you have already spent most or all of your cash on app development and now do not have enough money to continue developing it owing to a failing ROI. This is the point at which you remark to yourself, “Something went horribly wrong.”

Three major issues for clients were eliminated during the Discovery Workshop.

Three major issues for clients were eliminated during the Discovery Workshop.

Underestimating the expenses of project implementation

Launching a product with little or no commercial potential

Finding on product not solving user needs

Discovery Sessions

Realizing the potential of your app concept and putting it into action are two very different things. If you have little to no expertise developing digital products, the task may appear extremely daunting. We can assist you in refining your ideas so that you may take the initial stages in your project.

Discover and Devise

  • Interviews with Client about the idea, vision and market
  • Questionnaires
  • User stories
  • Market analysis
  • Self-documentation
  • Traceability Matrix
  • User experience observations
  • Proposed solutions and suggestions

Define and Refine

  • Brainstorming, organizing, and linking key information
  • Visualize Information Architecture
  • A better review of Project Scope
  • Identify content and information gaps
  • Complete product review all-at-once
  • Identify key modules
  • Prioritize features

Learn UX Process

  • Visual understanding of a page
  • Illustrate key features of the solution
  • Bringing Usability to the forefront
  • Validate hypothesis about content and interaction strategy
  • Reduced risks in actual Design Process

UI/UX Design

  • Modern UI patterns
  • Flat + Minimal + Material Approach
  • Keeps Information at the Center (Minimum interference between User and Design)
  • Engage the User Quickly
  • Natural interaction methods
  • Moscow Principal – prioritizing (Must have, Should have, Could have, Would have)
  • Micro-interactions

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